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Six creative ways to compare two stories

If to ask one of them, how many in its computer of hard drives, he will answer that only one, and will be right — in the personal session with the computer he never saw any other disks. Also two others will hold the same opinion. The same view of the Internet opens from height of seansny level.

Representation level. And what gives us the chance to install programs on the computer and to work with them? Of course, it is its system. She mediates between the person, the computer and programs.

When people deal with especially difficult phenomena, they prefer to display them on shelves by the principle "divide and dominate". In use of the Internet, of course, there is nothing difficult but as the phenomenon it is very difficult because of a complexity of communications which that arise, disappear.

The fifth person can tell that all these reasonings are not concrete, and the Internet actually — is set of protocols to which everything submits. Well in a uniform complex the most different models of computers, various channels and communication lines, tens of thousands of programs and one hundred services as if worked? From his point of view the Internet — is set of uniform standard protocols. They also make his face.

Today the Internet — is the large complex including the local networks and independent computers connected among themselves by all means communications, and also the software which provides interaction of all these means on the basis of the uniform transport TCP protocol and the address IP protocol.