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natural result of process of professionalizing of knowledge. Other reason of the birth of the sophistical movement - the logician of internal development of the knowledge. Comprehensive cosmological doctrines of naturalistic philosophy representatives were based, in effect, upon very shaky bases, being at the heart of the speculative. The further, the it became more difficult to coordinate within uniform concepts a set of separate empirical supervision and conclusions of private sciences with such general schemes of space. Than more strongly the gap between physiophilosophy and real knowledge was designated, public scepticism concerning physiophilosophy became that big. Sophists became spokesmen of this scepticism also.

The Greek naturalistic philosophy representatives well understood that experience, empirical researches and supervision forms the most reliable basis of any knowledge. In essence, they were not only the first philosophers, but also the first scientists, founders of the Greek and all European science. The senior from them, Thales, already ancient was called "the first mathematician", "the first astronomer", "the first physicist".

Socrates was, most likely, not the philosopher, but the national wise man who is resisting to sophists, but apprehended all that positive that contained their doctrine. Socrates did not create the school, though was constantly surrounded by pupils. Some new phenomena of life of the Greek society, first of all the Athenian were reflected in Socrates's views. He emphasized need of professional knowledge for successful activity in any sphere of life,