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cooperation in development of a fuel source of raw materials of the region, use of energy, including in joint financing of power objects, construction gazo-and oil pipelines, a of the oil processing enterprises, construction of terminals on the bank of the Black Sea on reception of oil and gas, a in action new and reconstruction of the operating coal with introduction of new generation of mountain cars, development of works on use of nonconventional power sources;

cooperation in development of the food and overworking by formation of joint ventures for production of packaging materials, products of baby food; re-equipment of a tobacco, confectionery and oil and fat and the organization of a mass production of a technological for these branches, including production of spare parts to it, means of mechanization and automation;

The countries of ChES started also specific actions and in the spheres of economy which found reflection in the declaration namely: in development of cooperation in transport and telecommunications, exchange of information, power, tourism, customs regulation.

In a broad sense — it means inclusion in cooperation ­ economic space of the country. Basis for it is the increase in a variety and flexibility of business activity across all territory.

construction through joint efforts of objects of infrastructure on transport — creation of new transport communications, ­ on modern transport and loading and warehouse ; creation of transport corridors;

cooperation in modernization of the metallurgical enterprises of the countries of ChES, introduction of new capacities, including use of new generation of cars of continuous pouring of a ; modernization of the rolling equipment for the purpose of receiving production conforming to requirements of the world market, a and automation of productions for the purpose of improvement of ecology and working conditions of metallurgists protection of water and air basins;