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In drawing of a tree it is possible to tell about such features: the trunk is represented by two lines with pressing that speaks about determination and activity of the child. Branches are not present. The round krone speaks about emotionality of the child. In drawing of the house there is no door, but the child added a ladder, it can say that the child feels a lack of communication though itself reaches for communication and interaction with other children.

We assume, aggression of the boy is expressed in aspiration to dominate over contemporaries, to use the force, as to means of drawing attention or a resolution of conflicts that perhaps and is the reason of emergence of difficulties in communication with other children of group.

Compensating lacked by it for attention, such child sometimes lies that causes to him the negative relation from children (especially if such line is negatively estimated by the tutor).

Analyzing Olya Zh drawing. We also see some manifestations of uneasiness, namely it is very strong pressing a pencil when drawing. In the image of the person: very strongly shaded hair that it is possible to connect with alarm, hands at the person very long with not expressed brushes that speaks about aspiration and need of the girl to independence, autonomy. Hands are represented close to a body that can speak about the existing tension. Also in the image of the person there are some elements of demonstrativeness. In the image of a tree: the round krone - shows emotionality of the child.

The child with such type of demonstrativeness is less successful in communication and relationship. Namely, feeling need for communication, it cannot realize it owing to uneasiness inherent in it that even more aggravates a disturbing component in structure of his personality, and demonstrative tendencies are transferred to the imagined plan.