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The apple-tree – entomophillous plants. Flowers their bright, white, pink, orange, bright red. Nectar is easily available to many insects visiting flowers. Flowers of a rafiolepis (Raphiolepis) have the hidden nectar adapted for pollination by mainly dlinnokhobotkovy insects. Flowers usually gomogamna and protogenichna (apple-tree, pear, kizilnik). Mountain ashes, some apple-trees, hawthorns often form apomikticheska seeds.

Flowers single or in bunches, brushes, guards. For flowers it is characteristic tubular or kolokolchaty gipantiya at the bottom of which one carpel with two trailing semyazachatka is freely attached usually. Gipanty does not participate in formation of a fruit, it dries up and usually falls down.

Quite often when maturing fruits the receptacle gets bright coloring, becomes fleshy, juicy that promotes distribution of fruits and seeds animals (for example, at wild strawberry – the sort Fragaria, a dogrose – the sort Rosa, apple-trees – the sort Malus, etc.).

Characteristic of family – a structure and receptacles. The receptacle can be conic, with polynomial apokarpny ginetsey (at the childbirth close to mnogoplodnikovy) and concave, with sinkarpny ginetsey. Between these extreme forms there are numerous transitions. Obviously, at all representatives of family the receptacle, anyway, tends to growth. The expanded receptacle in the form of a saucer, a bowl or a glass is called gipantiy. However in education a gipantiya, except a receptacle, also other parts of a flower take part: bases of chashelistik, petals, stamens, and sometimes and podchashy.

Sort a mountain ash – Sorbus. About 80 types widespread in the northern hemisphere. The mountain ash ordinary – S. aucuparia is widespread on all taiga zone in an underbrush and on cuttings down where plentifully fructifies. Fruits are eaten by a sable and a marten, a fox, mouse-like. Flower kidneys – a winter forage of a hazel grouse. Branches are eaten by elks, bark – hares. An ornamental plant with white flowers in large inflorescences – shchitkovidny whisks. Fruits prepare and use in cookery (jam, a fruit candy, compotes).

Sort a peach – Persica. Trees and bushes. Total number of types Natural distribution – China (the northern and central regions, perhaps Tibet). A main type of culture – a peach ordinary – P. vulgaris. Tree, sometimes bush. Fruits large, weight to 500 g, variously painted, a stone flattened, its surface yamchaty or furrowed.