Get Ready With Me For Brain Power

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(This boxing-set from six compact disks contains the songs published on official singles in Europe. From nine presented compositions five are written down in concert option, and eleven - did not enter number albums.)

((A small black box (25153 cm) with the image of the burst egg and a bright logo of the NIRVANA) Nevermind and Lithium (CD promo) entered this box-set three compact :It's An Interwiew. Circulation scanty-100 copy

(The collection of cover versions from repertoire of THE VELVET UNDEGROUND group performed by various teams, including Here She Comes Now which played. at the same time was published in the British firm Imanigary (ILLUSION ILP 0.

(Aii songs by K.Cobain/C.Novoselic, exept Turnaround by M. Mothersboufht/G Casale, Molly's Lips and Son Of The gan by Evgeny Kelly/Franses mcKee, Polly and Aneurysm by K.Cobain/C.Novoselic/D.Grohl, Beeswax Mexican Seafood and Hairspray Queen by K.Cobain).

(The collection of various cover versions from repertoire of KISS group performed by various teams (CHEMICAL PEOPLE,SKINYARD, etc.), including Do You Love To Me which the NIRVANA won back at some drunk party.)

(On a cover of this album it is written that it included rare songs from the second party of singles, songs from seyshen on the "BBC", a demo, a song which did not enter albums, and also earlier not published material. Turnaround, Molly's Lips and Son Of The gan are written down seyshen in John Peele's studio, and Aneurysm,

(In this collection, along with songs performed by Anthrax, Megadeth and White Zombie, entered NIRVANA composition under the name I Hate myself And I Want To Die (4'0 which begins and comes to an end with dialogue between Beavis and Mattkhed (Mike Dzhadzh).)