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During judicial debate, along with the civil claimant, accusers, the civil respondent or his representative, the representative of the civil claimant, defenders and the defendant use the right of pronouncing speeches.

The court has the right to consider the civil suit, despite absence of the civil claimant if the last declared the petition for consideration of the claim in its absence and also if the court recognizes it necessary. Thus absence of the civil respondent or his representative does not serve as an obstacle to consideration of the civil suit.

Cannot be representatives of the civil claimant of the person who took part in matter in quality of the person making inquiry, the investigator, judges, the accuser, the court clerk, and also the expert, the expert, the translator.

The second exception is the case of the assignment by court of an obligation for indemnification caused to life and health of the victim on the causer of harm taking into account a property status of the victim and the causer of harm, and also other circumstances. This measure of social protection of the victim on the essence coincides with opportunities for transposition of obligations for indemnification on direct causers at infliction of harm by juveniles and incapacitated persons.

at infliction of harm to health or at infringement of freedom, honor and dignity of the personality – the persons who suffered damage as a result of loss of earnings, expenses on treatment or other reduction of their property caused by one of the specified reasons;