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At d'Estaing there was no differentiation of zones of the alleged conflict in Europe ("the French zone" and "a conflict zone between Czechoslovakia and Rhine"). Across all Europe one force - NATO worked. It was favorable to the USA.

For a survival of the North Atlantic block it needs to give new functions. The USA took the initiative of granting NATO of the mandate of CSCE on operation on support of the world in Europe and intensified the actions for expansion of the geographical sphere of NATO.

The leading circles of the USA brought in the concept of control of communism besides power methods and economic means of fight. Generally Washington combined power methods with cooperation elements.

After arrival in Angola, Ethiopia, the Southern Yemen of the left modes, d'Estaing's administration turned aggravations of an economic crisis in Western Europe to bigger unity of the countries of NATO. There was a tendency to adjustment of the American-French cooperation in Africa and in the Middle East (the first half the 70-second half