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Monthly verification of the synthetic account of realization and analytical the accounts of specific debtors has to be made. If to assume that all receipts were carried on accounts, the order of such verification will be the following:

The report on cash flow is a dynamic report which explains with methods of balance generalizations of certain economic operations of the reporting period in essential aspects receipt and leaving of real financial means. In comparison with balance and the profit and loss report it is focused on disclosure for external users of accounting reports of additional data on a financial position of the organization who cannot be directly or indirectly received from any other components of the reporting.

Check of cash desk has to be carried out daily, thus it is necessary to observe the following equality: The rest in cash desk for the beginning of day + the receipt during the day reflected in a control tape of the cash car = the rest for the end of day + the sums which are handed over during the day by the cashier in cash desk of the organization.

It is necessary to collect revenue daily. Storage of money with use of safes reduces the risk connected with stay of money in the organization at night. Collection has to be carried out by persons, specially authorized on that, with observance of necessary security measures (for example, a variation of time of collection, routes and accompanying the personnel.

The rest + Receipt by the accruing result since the beginning of the reporting period = Is directed on the beginning of the reporting period spent, paid) by the accruing result since the beginning of the reporting period + the Rest for the end of the reporting period

By results of check the report which contains the description of all revealed violations and recommendations about their elimination is formed. As the recommendation in work the program of the organization of internal control of the movement, safety of money is offered.

If the management of the organization aspires fully and authentically, taking into account specifics of the organization to open financial information in all essential aspects, development of the concept of the report on cash flow is necessary. It is for this purpose expedient to make the business plan.

Users of financial statements assume to receive limited on volume, but useful, is information saturated data on a state and the movement of the monetary capital of the organization, which in combination with indicators of other forms of the reporting:

Full safety of all money and their equivalents has to be ensured: within the organization there have to be standard procedures of reception and registration of each type of monetary receipts, restriction of movement of checks and payment orders, job rotation for the prevention of abuses and unauthorized access to places of receiving monetary receipts, and also safety of money has to be ensured by transfer and storage in cash desk.

comparability of an order of disclosure of monetary turns just as it becomes in relation to financial and investment activity; possibility of expansion of the minimum volume of information due to specification of interpretations from the analytical account.

An inspection of formation of indicators is carried out with use of these registers of the synthetic and analytical account on accounts of the accounting of money, and also the enclosed primary documents reflecting the content of operation. The auditor also uses procedure of arithmetic calculations for confirmation of these forms of account.

G) Cashiers have to know that the administration can carry out sudden inventories of money in cash desk, however it is better not to bring to them information on other control measures which are undertaken by administration for supervision over receipt of money.

it becomes clear, whether this result of balance of the synthetic account of realization is equal; if yes, that no further actions are taken; if is not present, then the following couples of indicators are checked for discrepancy: