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The free movement of goods, labor, services and the capital has to be followed by measures for liberalization of payments inevitably. Any circumstances which interfere with payments for goods, services or compensation to other countries of Community, considerably complicate, or even do impossible performance of these fundamental freedoms. Therefore member countries have to allow to make such payments in currency of the country where the recipient lives.

The free movement of the capital gives the chance to natural and legal entities freely to open accounts in any of the European Union countries, and also to transfer unlimited funds from one country to another. It also means unlimited investment and financial opportunities across all Europe. It is also possible to tell that the free movement of the capital inevitably conducts to closer economic and financial integration.

Member countries still have the power to change fundamental rules of the European Union, and so far this power will not be delegated to the Union, they will define the nature of the European integration, progress and various changes that is carried out by means of various agreements. Fundamental agreements, such as the Uniform European Act and the Agreement on the European Union, are just examples of such decision-making.

The first step in creation of domestic market was to cancel all customs duties imposed on import and export between member countries till this time, and the Agreement developed the plan on gradual removal of all octrois within 12 years.

Undoubtedly, the European Union is a fruit of federalistic approach, though in a little changed form. One more compromise which allowed something bigger, than cooperation on a konfederalistsky basis was necessary. The decision, as well brilliant, as well as simple, was however too weak to pass through an abyss of the European autonomy.

The free movement of the capital and liberalization of payments are further important steps for completion of work on creation of the uniform market. In the long term, it will be impossible to speak about the free movement of goods or services, limits on the movement of the capital will not be lifted yet, and investment will be is subject by the most economic segments of the uniform market.

Schuman's plan for creation of ECSC which was the prerequisite of the French-German reconciliation, became a starting point on creation of a new order in Europe at which any armed conflicts would become not only unacceptable, but also impossible. Both the Commonwealth, and the Union succeeded that this ideal became reality. Today it is simply impossible to imagine emergence of armed conflict between the Union countries.