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the seasonal nature of production caused by discrepancy of time of production with the working period has essential impact. Due to the seasonality of work the considerable need for labor increases in agriculture during crops, landing of crops and harvesting. At the same time during the winter period in branches of plant growing labor redundancy is observed.

and to the general expense of fodder units on the basis of daily norms of feeding of each gender and age group taking into account the winter – the stall and pasturable periods, live weight, the planned gain, technology of the contents and other factors.

Climatic conditions of economy are not favorable for cultivation of crops. It is necessary to refer uneven loss of rainfall on months of the vegetative period to negative factors.

The major prerequisite and natural basis for creation of material benefits are land resources. The role of the earth is really huge and diverse. It is an indispensable condition of existence of human society. Rational use of land resources is of great importance in rural economics and the countries in general.

In increase in production of animal husbandry the paramount part is assigned to creation of strong food supply. The food supply is understood as the system of receptions and methods on production, storages and to an expenditure of forages taking into account the level of efficiency of animals providing all types of cattle with enough necessary nutrients. The low feeding level and insufficient quantity of forages do not yield due results. Thus it is necessary to consider hereditary productive advantages of cattle and effort on care of them. Rates of development of food supply have to advance growth rates of a livestock of cattle.

The main source of richness of society and the main factor of creation of the material and spiritual benefits of mankind is work. It represents the expedient activity of the person directed on modification and the adaptation of subjects of the nature for satisfaction of the requirements.

The fixed business assets participate in many productions for a number of years and keep thus the material form. The cost of the fixed business assets are transferred to production gradually, in process of their wear.

Increase of a social production is the cornerstone of economic progress of any society. The main indicators which are objectively reflecting efficiency of economic activity of economy are labor productivity, product cost, capital productivity, the size of a gross revenue, profitability of production of agricultural production.

In the territory of economy of 4 settlements. The territory of economy is located Hugo's pas – the East of Bashkortostan and is characterized moderately – warm climate. Long-term average annual air temperature is equal + 4 C. The sum of temperatures during higher than-10 With makes

Specialization is the form of public division of labor which is that each economy uses the resources on production of a certain type of limited quantity of agricultural production for which there are favorable natural and economic conditions taking into account demand of the population. Economic value of specialization consists that it creates conditions for more effective use of the main means of production of the earth and increase on this basis of quantity and improvement of quality of production of plant growing and animal husbandry. Specialization opens opportunities for improvement of use of a manpower,