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The example of family virtue and fidelity depicted Penelope in "Odyssey". Within twenty years while there is no Odysseus, she did not change to it the feelings and persistently believes in his return. Situation the extremely difficult as it is surrounded by spiteful people who consider her as the widow and her hand achieve it, hoping thus to receive and the imperial power.

The main images of homeric poems are that. All of them differ in integrity, simplicity, in many cases even naivety which is characteristic for an era of "the childhood of human society". They are depicted with a remarkable force and vitality and noted by the deepest human truth.

A few fragments from "Meliyambov" of Kerkid remained. He acted on protection of the rights of the poorest part of the population and as the consecutive supporter of kinichesky school, gave to the poetry demotic character.

Prosaic genres of antique literature far do not coincide with our representations. Genres which we consider as purely scientific now, were in the ancient time cultivated mainly with the art purposes. Here the history, philosophy and oratory belong. V. G. Belinsky fairly noticed: "Greeks had even an art history where the art statement also connected to the critical analysis of events" Ancient considered history mainly as an oratorical genre Oratory on essence counts on, that art means to capture the listener, to fascinate him by the form. Therefore since performances of speakers started writing down and publishing, they became true works of fiction. Under such circumstances works of this sort reflect properties of the Greek culture and make the important party of literary history.